Pyrotechnic Chemistry book

Pyrotechnic Chemistry

The cover price is US$95.00. This book contains over 400 pages.


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Because the detailed table of contents layout is complex, it is supplied as a small downloadable PDF file [60 kb]. The file is 9 pages in length.

Book Review by Tony Cardell

Dr. Tony Cardell has done research in energetic materials for over 40 years in both military pyrotechnics and fireworks in the UK. He is past president of the International Pyrotechnic Society. This 1-page review is a very small PDF file.

Book Review by Bernard Douda

Dr. Bernie Douda is a prominent researcher in military pyrotechnics and one of the founders of IPS-USA, which hosts the International Pyrotechnic Seminars in the USA. This 1-page review is a very small PDF file.

Book Review by John Steinberg

Dr. John Steinberg is the past president of the Pyrotechnics Guild International and a member of the Cracker Jacks. His review will appear in the next issue of the Journal of Pyrotechnics. This is a small [25 kb] PDF file.

Book Review by John Bergman

Professor John Bergman has been a member of the Pyrotechnics Guild International for many years. He teaches at a small college in Wisconsin.

Book Review by Michael S. Swisher

Mr. Michael S. Swisher is the Publications Vice President of the Pyrotechnics Guild International. His review appeared in PGI Bulletin No. 143, March/April 2005 on page 32. Permission to post his review on the JPyro web site was not granted.
As more reviews become available, they will be posted here, too.
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