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Pyrotechnic Chemistry

Pyrotechnic Chemistry [ISBN: 1-889526-15-0 / 978-1-889526-15-7]


This text is written at an introductory to intermediate level. As such it is intended for readers with limited prior knowledge of chemistry or limited knowledge regarding specific areas of applied pyrotechnics. One goal of this text was to provide an extensive list of references, thus directing readers to sources of additional information. With a total of approximately 400 references that goal has been met; however, for the most part, citations to material that is readily found in numerous reference texts have not been included. Only when the information is attributable to a limited number of authors are specific references generally cited.
The chapters are a collection of 19 papers written by 12 authors, covering most of the important areas of pyrotechnic chemistry. While this format causes the text to be written in styles that differ somewhat from chapter to chapter, it also provides an opportunity to have each of the chapters written by persons with expertise and current knowledge in each of the various subject areas. (Brief biographical information about the authors is included at the end of this preface.) Also, having each subject written as a stand alone chapter, means that a reader wishing information on a specific subject will generally not have to refer to other chapters for the background and ancillary information needed to fully comprehend the subject.
Almost all of the chapters have been published previously; however, they were originally written with the intention of being chapters in this text and have been updated since their original publication. The authors of each chapter are identified at the start of each chapter, and the citation for where the material was originally published appears at the end of each chapter. Because most of the chapters have been published previously, and to simplify the task publishing this compilation, in most cases the authors were individually responsible for editing their chapters. Nonetheless, the Journal of Pyrotechnic, Inc. would appreciate learning of any errors appearing in this text such that they might be corrected in future printings.
The Table of Contents is quite extensive, running to 9 pages with approximately 600 entries. For this reason there is also a basic list of chapter titles to help orient the reader. Because of the extensive table of contents, this text has not been provided with an index. It is suggested that readers wishing to research a specific topic first consult the list of chapters to find the one most relevant to the topic, and then consult the detailed table of contents to locate the page number(s) of the section addressing that topic.
The publisher acknowledges that there are a number of subjects that this first edition does not adequately cover. It is anticipated that subsequent editions will be produced periodically that will fill in subject areas such as flash powder chemistry, smoke chemistry, and the kinetics of pyrotechnic reactions. Subsequent editions will also seek to update and expand some of the current chapters. Volunteer authors for these and other potential chapters are encouraged to contact the Journal of Pyrotechnics, Inc.

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