Chapter Titles and Authors

Pyrotechnic Chemistry

List of Chapter Titles and
Chapter Author(s)

  1. Introduction to Pyrotechnic Chemistry by D. R. Dillehay
  2. Chemical Components of Fireworks Compositions by T. Shimizu
  3. An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics by B. Sturman
  4. Pyrotechnic Ignition and Propagation: A Review
    by K. L. & B. J. Kosanke
  5. Control of Pyrotechnic Burn Rate by K. L. & B. J. Kosanke
  6. Our Present Knowledge of the Chemistry of Black Powder
    by I. von Maltitz
  7. Pyrotechnic Primes and Priming by K. L. & B. J. Kosanke
  8. Pyrotechnic Delays and Thermal Sources
    by M. A. Wilson & R. J. Hancox
  9. The Chemistry of Colored Flame by K. L. & B. J. Kosanke
  10. Illuminants and Illuminant Research by D. R. Dillehay
  11. Propellant Chemistry by N. Kubota
  12. Principles of Solid Rocket Motor Design by N. Kubota
  13. Pyrotechnic Spark Generation
    by B. J. & K. L. Kosanke and C. Jennings-White
  14. Glitter Chemistry by C. Jennings-White
  15. Strobe Chemistry by C. Jennings-White
  16. A Study of the Combustion Behaviour of Pyrotechnic Whistle Devices (Acoustic and Chemical Factors)
    by M. Podlesak and M. A. Wilson
  17. Sensitiveness of Pyrotechnic Compositions by D. Chapman
  18. Hazardous Chemical Combinations: A Discussion
    by C. Jennings-White and K. L. Kosanke
  19. Assessing the Risks — Suggestions for a Consistent Semi-Quantified Approach by T. Smith

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