Lecture Notes for Pyrotechnic Chemistry

Lecture Notes for Pyrotechnic Chemistry

The cover price is US$90.00. This book contains over 440 viewgraphs.

Lecture Notes for Pyrotechnic Chemistry [ISBN-1-889526-16-9] are the class notes for a three-day course on the Pyrotechnic Chemistry. The Course Notes assume only minimal levels of understanding of Chemistry and Pyrotechnics. Each 8½x11″ page contains a pair of photocopy-reduced viewgraphs from the course lectures. The text was revised in February 2005 and contains over 440 viewgraphs that include many illustrations and tables. Each viewgraph of text is intended to be complete enough for the reader to be able to understand the subject being discussed. The cover price is US$90.00. See Order Form for discounts and shipping. The course outline lists the topics covered:
PDF File that contains a Review of the Book by Paul Smith – Purdue University
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  1.    Basic Chemical Principles (page)
  2.    Pyrotechnic Chemistry, Ignition and Propagation (page)
  3.    Pyrotechnic Primes and Priming (page)
  4.    Factors Affecting Burn Rate (page)
  5.    Aspects of Pyrotechnic Burning (page)
  6.    Physical Basis for Colored Light Production (page)
  7.    Chemistry of Colored Flame (page)
  8.    Chemistry of Sparks, Glitter and Strobe (page)
  9.    Pyrotechnic Smoke and Noise (page)
  10.    Approaches to Formulation Development (page)
  11.    Pyrotechnic Sensitivity (page)
  12.    Pyrotechnic Hazard Management (page)


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