Journals 11 to 20 (2000-2004)

Titles of articles appearing in Issues 11 to 20 from 2000 to 2004.

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Issue Number 11, Summer 2000:


  • Shell Altitude vs. Mortar Length by R. Dixon
  • The Effect of Sample Containers on the Ignition Temperature of Sulfur/Chlorate Mixtures by D. Chapman


Issue Number 12, Winter 2000:



Issue Number 13, Summer 2001:



  • Brief Survey of Chromium Toxicity


Issue Number 14, Winter 2001:



  • Speculation on the Explosive Decomposition of “Yellow Powder”
  • Bridgewire Temperature Estimation Using a Constant Current Supply
  • An Observation Regarding: “Fireworks Shell Drift due to Shell-to-Bore Clearance”
  • Review of The Big Bang: A History of Explosives by George I. Brown
  • Review of Incendiary Art: The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe by Kevin Salatino


Issue Number 15, Summer 2002:



  • A Note on the Design of Experiments
  • Pollutant Emissions from Power Plants
  • Reprint of: Chapter III — Accroides
  • Review of The Chemistry and Characteristics of Explosive Materials by James R. Cook, PhD
  • Review of Head and Eye Protection: A Guide for Those Who Manufacture, Test, or Use Explosives by Confederation of British Industry
  • Review of Protection against Substances Hazardous to Health by Confederation of British Industry

Issue Number 16, Winter 2002:


  • Reprint of: Grass TreeGum—(Australian Dragon’s Blood) Dr.McCrea / John Kruse
  • Review of Propellants and Explosives: Thermochemical Aspects of Combustion Naminosuke Kubota
  • Review of: Explosives Rudolf Meyer, Josef Köhler, and Axel Homburg


Issue Number 17, Summer 2003:



  • A Curious Observation during the Burning of Bulk Whistle Composition  by  L. Weinman
  • Review by S. Miller of: Proximate Special Effects Familiarization and Safety by J. L. Mattingly, D. A. Opperman and F. Pinkerton
  • Review by B. Douda of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by S. K. Poehlein and C.K. Wilharm of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt


Issue 18, Winter 2003:



  • Particle Size Effect in Pyrotechnic Compositions Containing Potassium Chlorate
  • Review by B. E. Douda of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by S. D. Poehlein & S. K. Wilharm of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by B. Sturman of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by J. Bergman of: Black Powder Manufacturing, Testing, and Optimizing by Ian von Maltitz


Issue 19, Summer 2004:



  • Comment from Ron Lancaster on “Review of Pyrotechnics” that appeared in Issue 18
  • Review by K. Kosanke of: Ignition Handbook by Vytenis Babrauskas


Issue 20, Winter 2004:



  • A Simplified Method for Determining the Strength of a Tube Subjected to Internal Pressure by L. Weinman
  • Review by John Steinberg of: Amateur Rocket Motor Construction David Sleeter
  • Review by K. Koenig of: Rocket Propulsion Elements, Seventh Edition by George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz

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